Maraveyas live in Glasgow 18.05.17

An amazing live performance by one of Greece's most loved singer-songwriters, Kostis Maraveyas  at The Garage.

  I was privileged to be the official photographer for the night and enjoy 2 hours of great melodies, world-class musicianship by him and his band mates, and non-stop interaction between Kostis and his fans.

 On  a pretty warm afternoon (by Scotland's standards!), I rode the train from Edinburgh to Glasgow, somewhat unaware of how hot the evening was about to get. And I'm not talking strictly weather here, as soon as Kostis Maraveyas and his band got on stage, The Garage got steaming hot! Combine beautifully written and orchestrated songs, flawless interpretation by the band along with Kostis's stage presence and rapport with the audience, and you get nothing short of a memorable experience.

 There was lots of singing and dancing throughout the evening, hugs and selfies and on a side note, I got a week's worth of exercise running all around the place to cover every aspect of the concert :)

The Rising Souls , a soulful rock band you should check out, opened the concert, and they did a hell of a job warming up the crowd!

The concert was realised by Adjust Productions a production company based in Edinburgh. Adjust Productions plan and realise a wide range of event types including, but not limited to, music events, special events, festivals, audio-visual events, conferences and exhibitions.

On the tech side -for those interested- I used my combo of Canon 5DMkIII & Canon 7D with Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art, Sigma 50mm 1.4 ART & Canon 100mm 2.8L IS macro , swapping lenses between the 2 cameras for added focal length variety. It may sound complicated, but I love my primes and I'm willing to trade 'convenience' for quality any time ;)

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