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   Welcome, my name is Dimitrios Lachanis and I am based in Edinburgh, UK.

In 2011 I started working as video editor and assistant to an established  photographer. I was immediately fascinated by the creative process and technical aspects of professional photography, and realised that I'd found my true calling.

   Through lots of work, experimentation, collaborations and practice, I begun honing my skills, and since 2012 I've taken up a variety of photographic work (portraiture, product photography, events, art performances) with success and always aiming to exceed the client's and my personal expectations.

   I am equally comfortable shooting in a controlled studio environment or on location, either with artificial or natural light.  

  Always keen on discovering new ways to enhance my craft and happy to collaborate with creative people.

Clients include: U.S. Consulate General Edinburgh, Conservatory Outlet, Hugo Boss UK, Wilko Retail, Adjust Productions, Scottish Widows, Leith Agency, Union Direct, Anassa Centre of Counselling, The Scottish Government, The Nowes, Chango Munks, Orama Gpn, SYN Festival Edinburgh

Agent: Rhian Howells

+44 (0)7865666733


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